Thursday, June 5, 2008

District of Columbia CTO Recognized Among Nation's Best

Today District of Columbia Mayor Adrian M. Fenty announced that District Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Vivek Kundra has been honored with two major national information technology (IT) awards.

IDG's InfoWorld named Kundra among the nation's top CTOs with its "CTO 25 for 2008" award. Each year the technology publisher honors 25 senior IT leaders from government, nonprofits, and private industry who apply creativity, tech savvy, and management skills to drive excellent results in their organizations. In addition, the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium recognized Kundra among outstanding IT innovators who use leadership skills, business-technology acumen, and out-of the-box thinking to address ever-increasing challenges facing their organizations.

Mayor Fenty appointed Kundra CTO for the District effective May 7, 2007. Kundra joined the District government after a technology career spanning government, private industry, and academia. As District CTO, Kundra leads the District's central technology organization, the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO). Its mission is leveraging the power of technology to improve service delivery, drive innovation, and bridge the digital divide to build a world-class city.

The accomplishment that won recognition for Kundra from both InfoWorld and MIT Sloan was the introduction of a new model to manage technology investments in the District. Kundra's idea was to manage IT as a portfolio of stocks, with each project as a company, its team as the management, its schedule and financial status captured in market reports, and customer satisfaction as the market reaction. By applying these stock-market practices to government technology, Kundra was able to identify problem projects early and either switch managers or kill the projects, freeing resources for more promising initiatives.

"My administration has worked hard to attract top talent to government," said Mayor Fenty. "Vivek Kundra is one of the most dedicated,innovative, and people-savvy executives I've ever encountered-within government or outside it. Even with my administration's commitment to flat budget growth, he's been able to produce consistently outstanding results. He's a tremendous asset to my administration and the whole city."

"I'm humbled to receive this recognition," said Kundra. "The real driver of the work that won this award is the challenge and inspiration I get from serving the District of Columbia."

The InfoWorld CTO 25 and MIT Sloan awards are not the only national technology honors that Kundra and his organization, OCTO, have won this year. OCTO won two Public Technology Institute's 2007-2008 Technology Solutions Awards for local governments that use technology to enhance service delivery, lower operating costs, and open new revenue opportunities.

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